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Foundational Programs

In all that we do, we focus on providing a joyful experience while cultivating, empowering, and educating children. Galloping Grace Youth Ranch focuses on recognized industry best practices as well as innovative practices throughout our five foundational programs: children leading children, raising livestock, growing crops, exploring the outdoors, and enriching the community.

Children Leading Children

We believe…
· Leaders are made not born
· Effective leaders lead by example
· Successful leaders display honesty, integrity, respect, humility, & compassion

We will teach children to lead by…
· Observing and assisting other children who model leadership
· Providing opportunities to gain trust through day-to-day setup and operations
· Moving through stages of increased responsibility & mentoring younger children
· Empowering youth to facilitate and teach others
· Serving others

Raising Livestock

We believe…
· Livestock provide a unique educational environment
· The interaction between children and animals is therapeutic
· Animals contribute to a healthy, exciting, and sustainable society
· There is a disconnect between our food and where it comes from

Raising livestock will teach children…
· Selflessness and compassion, by caring for and meeting the animals needs
· They are loved, many animals sole purpose will be for cuddling and playing
· Respect and interdependence, how livestock provide food & fiber for a community
· Innovative practices for raising healthy livestock

Growing Crops

We believe…
· There is a disconnect between our food and where it comes from
· Exposure to different fruits and vegetables will encourage healthy eating habits
· Farming knowledge is important for a sustainable society

Growing crops will teach children…
· The symbiotic relationship between animals, compost, bugs, fish, and plants
· Sustainability and how the sun and wind can produce renewable energy
· Patience and diligence while attending to the growth cycle
· There are many different fruits and vegetables, all having different tastes & textures

Exploring The Outdoors

We believe…
· Interacting with nature sparks imagination
· Outdoor play produces all-around healthier children
· Simplicity inspires creativity

Exploring the outdoors will teach children…
· To be active, encouraging children to run, climb, jump, dig, and play
· Innovation and problem solving through building with natural materials
· Social skills through role-play and group activities
· Appreciation of nature by encouraging involvement with their environment

Enriching The Community

We believe…
· It is better to “teach a child to fish” because he will teach countless others
· To transform our society we must focus on our children
· The contagious joy of a child can change a community
· Teaching children is more effective than trying to change adults

Enriching the community will teach children…
· Confidence as they educate others about what they accomplished and learned
· How to “go to market” by creating a mutually beneficially & valuable exchange
· Compassion by acting as philanthropic ambassadors
· Joy through sharing a portion of the fruits of their labor with those in need
· A sense-of-community by promoting New Mexico farmers and by supporting locally grown, healthy food, and fiber.