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Feeding Hungry Children

Did you know that New Mexico is ranked as the most food insecure state in America?

New Mexico ranks #1 for childhood hunger.

Just $10 a month enables us to produce and donate 30 dozen eggs for the purpose of feeding hungry children, recycle 545 lbs of food, and provide agricultural education to hundreds of children.

Help support our efforts to fight childhood hunger in
New Mexico – we have several ways you can donate.

The 2014 release of Map the Meal Gap shows the childhood hunger rate in New Mexico is 29.2% with one in three children growing up hungry. The report shows that more than 150,000 New Mexico children are at risk of hunger.  This means that over 150,000 children in our state experience hunger on a daily basis.  Of that 150,000 children, close to 8,000 of them are right here in Rio Rancho and the surrounding Sandoval county.  From our perspective at Galloping Grace, this is a devastating number.  We are a child focused organization and believe that the children we serve will become the next generation of leaders in our community.  Community Enrichment is one of our five primary objectives.  Our ability to enrich the community through education and humanitarian efforts is imperative.

Through our efforts to recover and feed discarded food to our livestock, GGYR is poised to be able to produce millions of pounds of meat, dairy, and produce in the near future.  It is our goal to be able to donate 100% of the food we produce to local food banks for the purpose of feeding food insecure children and their families.

St. Felix Pantry Donation from GGYR
GGYR donates to charities to help feed hungry children many times a year

Your regular support is a powerful tool in not only the fight against hunger, but in the effort to educate children and parents alike about the severity of this issue.  According to the United Nations report, our world population will reach 9.6 billion by the year 2050.  In a world that is already fighting a hunger crisis, we will have to find a way to increase food production considerably in order to feed this additional 1.5 billion residents, the majority of which will be in under developed areas like Africa and the Middle East.  As proven by our Food Recovery Program, we throw away 40% of all the food that is produced in this country.  This is an astronomical amount, especially when we have so many starving people in our country and the world.  Help us to feed and educate our children so we can make a difference.

GGYR’s primary purpose of bringing Pure Joy to children requires that we first meet their most basic need for nutritional food, otherwise it doesn’t matter how fun and interactive the agricultural education is. Recovered and produced food from the Ranch is delivered to children and families in need through our relationships with Rio Rancho Public Schools and Roadrunner Food Bank. Finally, our first donation of 300lbs of sustainably raised meat to feed the hungry is being delivered to RRFB in May.