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Core Values

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We’re committed to celebrating individuality and serving others.
We offer service and time to others for the enrichment of our community and the bettering of one’s self.

Growth Icon


We cultivate livestock and crops to educate and positively impact the community.
We’re hungry for knowledge and take the initiative to learn, problem solve, and expand our impact in the community and beyond.

Innovation Icon


We celebrate independent thinking and encourage creative solutions.
We encourage new ideas and accept challenges and failure as a path to success.

Joy Icon


Our joy is fed by a desire to learn and the prospect of discovery.
We’re passionate about what we do and share our excitement with others.

Leadership Icon


We lead by example, value collaboration, and encourage empathy.
We hold each other accountable, realizing that how we behave today shapes what comes tomorrow.

Sustainability Icon


We turn liabilities into assets and encourage others to do the same.
We value and maximize our resources to strengthen the organization and benefit those we serve.

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